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Walther Flender GmbH: Terms of Use


1. Purpose of our online services

We provide you not only with technical product catalogues, 3D CAD data for our products, user instructions, general brochures and certificates for download, but also calculation programs (e.g. 3D timing belt pulley online configurator, belt navigator). By using the above information and services, you agree to our terms of use. All the above details and programs are for general (product) information only and are not considered advice for specific cases. They do not indicate a legally binding guarantee of certain properties or suitability for a specific purpose.


2. Liability and warranty provisions

All the information, calculations and other data displayed in our download area have carefully been selected in line with the latest knowledge available to us. Likewise, we hereby inform you that we shall not accept liability for loss that arising from the use of our free online services in our download area (with the exception of wilful or gross negligence). We shall not be held responsible for the accuracy, correctness, operational reliability, completeness, quality or suitability of information, online services, software tools and documentation in individual cases. All the required properties/features of our products must therefore be agreed on purchasing your product.


3. Anti-virus protection

We endeavour to keep our services free from viruses yet we cannot guarantee that no viruses are present. Before downloading information, online services, software tools and documentation, the user is obliged to provide suitable safety mechanisms and virus scanner for their own protection.


4. Special warnings for belt drives

Belt drives are not suitable for use in aerospace or offshore wind plants. Their suitability must be confirmed before use in other safety-relevant applications.


5. Intellectual property

All of the information listed including texts, images, material, software tools, brands, logos etc constitute our intellectual property or are subject to our terms of use. The options for use provided to the user in the download area are for general (product) information and do not grant licences or other rights of use. All the listed information must not be used or distributed for commercial purposes, copied, modified or shared on other websites. The express written consent of Walther Flender GmbH is required for that purpose.


6. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These terms of use shall be governed by the material law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising in and around the use of our online services is the office of Walther Flender GmbH.


(Last updated: June 2019)