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Clamping plates

Custom-fitting and reliable

Technical features:

  • Material: aluminium, steel
  • Can be used for timing belt profiles T, AT, HTD, MR and for PolyChain®
  • Profiles for belt widths of up to 150 mm

Benefits to you at a glance:

  • High degree of economy
  • High degree of reliability and safety
  • Custom-fit tooth profiles
  • With or without mounting hole on request
  • Surface treatment available
  • Special widths and materials can be supplied

Walther Flender clamping plates are a safe and yet cost-effective fixing element for flat belts and drive belts in finite design (sold by length). Clamping plates are generally used to fix the belt ends and are deployed in a great many applications within drive technology such as lift and linear applications. Clamping plates can also be used to set the pre-tension force. The clamping plates from Walther Flender are manufactured with custom-fit aluminium tooth profiles for the PolyChain®, T, AT, HTD and MR belt systems. If you so require, we can offer you the clamping plate with surface treatment such as coating or chemical nickel plating.

Timing belts

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