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WK-DN coupling

The all-rounder of couplings

Technical features:

  • Torque transfer up to 62,000 Nm
  • Certified in accordance with 94/9/EC (ATEX 95)

Benefits to you at a glance:

  • Torsionally flexible shaft coupling for universal use
  • High degree of economy
  • Various types available
  • Easy assembly
  • High degree of displacement and operational reliability

Our torsionally flexible shaft coupling was designed for drive concepts where axial, radial and angular displacement needs to be compensated. The torsionally flexible shaft coupling from Walther Flender is equipped with flexible coupling packages that (in the case of type A) can be exchanged without the need to move the shafts axially.
The torsionally flexible coupling damps both impacts and vibrations and can boast a high degree of economy as well as easy assembly.  The coupling conforms to DIN 740 and is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation positions, which means it has many potential uses.
In addition to the standard types, versions are available with brake discs, brake drums and, to bridge wider axial spacing, intermediate sleeves.  In addition, elastomer packages can be fitted for various temperature applications and degrees of damping.
Our WK-DN torsionally flexible shaft couplings are particularly suitable for use in pump manufacture, conveyor systems, paper machines, metalworking machines, rolling mills, fans and ventilators.
Our multi-sector experience means that we have practical experience of your specific requirements and will be happy to advise in selecting the optimum coupling for your application.