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Rollenbahnen Leichtröllchenbahn Rollenbahn aus Stahl

Roller conveyors for general cargo transport

Can be used flexibly

Benefits to you at a glance:

  • High degree of economy
  • Short delivery times
  • High carrying capacity
  • Modular design

Roller conveyors are the optimum solution for items that are too heavy for a conveyor belt, for plastic containers or for goods that could damage the conveyor belt. The Walther Flender roller conveyors can be used flexibly within your production process: from sorting and distribution right up to their use as a buffer station.
The Walther Flender roller conveyors can be supplied as heavy-duty roller conveyors, as a medium-duty version and as a light roller conveyor, both straight and as a curve.
The individual engineering, the flexible modular design and the custom-fit connection points ensure that our roller conveyors can be adapted precisely to your sector and your application.
Our practical experience from industrial sectors such as nutrition & luxury foods, intralogistics, tooling machines, woodworking machines, plastic & rubber, building & construction materials and textiles & clothes mean that we are familiar with your specific requirements.

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