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Kundenspezifische Komplettlösung für die kunststoffverarbeitetende Industrie Rohbau: Kanten Rohbau: Punktschweissen Rohbau: Schrauben Rohbau: Verbindungsschweissen Lackieren Endmontage Qualitätsprüfung

Heavy-duty conveyor systems and all-round solutions

Can take quite a beating: the heavy-duty steel-weld designs

Benefits to you at a glance:

  • Particularly heavy-duty due to steel-weld design
  • Reliable thanks to the use of high-quality components and precise assembly
  • Return on investment due to long service life
  • Availability through our worldwide service
  • Up to 60 months warranty possible

Our heavy-duty conveyor systems and logistical all-round solutions stand out in particular thanks to their long-lasting steel-weld designs. High-quality components are processed and assembled with precision at our production location. And it’s all made in Germany.
Sheet metalworking, joint and spot-welding, coating and final assembly are part of our range of services, as are detailed needs analysis on site, individual engineering and commissioning at your production location.
We can offer you not only the individual conveyors, but also all-round solutions including all peripheral components such as distribution stations and turntables.
The planning, manufacture and assembly of steel chain conveyors, slat conveyors, heavy-duty belt conveyors, mat chain conveyors and accessories such as storage and buffer stations have been the daily business of the former company Rau Förderanlagen GmbH for around 70 years. Thanks to our takeover of the company, Walther Flender is able to offer you a unique spectrum of solutions that ranges from conveyor systems in everything from lightweight to stainless steel construction.


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