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PowerGrip GT3 neoprene timing belts

The problem solver for almost every industry

Technical features:

  •     Divisions: 2, 3, 5
  •     Tensile member made of fibre glass

Benefits to you at a glance:

  •     Available around the world
  •     Extremely high-performing due to optimised tooth form and fibre-reinforced rubber mix
  •     Lubrication not necessary
  •     High positioning precision
  •     Can be used with fixed axis spacing
  •     Improved tooth-skipping behaviour
  •     Low-noise running

Compared with previous drive belts and chain drives, timing belts made of neoprene offer a considerably better transfer capacity and better accuracy with a longer service life.
The PowerGrip® GT3 synchronous belt also transfers up to 30% more capacity than any other neoprene-timing belt and, thanks to its outstanding strength, is the optimum drive element for applications at high rotation speeds.
The current generation of belts offers you a high-performance belt with improved tooth-skipping behaviour with lowered noise development.
PowerGrip® GT3 drive belts in the divisions 8 and 14 are electrically conductive as per ISO 9563, which means that they can also be used in areas at risk of explosion.  Furthermore, the drive belt works without problems on fixed axial spacing without elongation and with a long service life.
The PowerGrip® GT3 synchronous belt was designed for use in an existing timing belt drive, which means that it can replace the previously used PowerGrip® HTD and GT 2 timing belts without problems and without the need to make adjustments to the system.  In the case of new developments, the entire drive train can be optimised by a special tooth system on the timing belt pulleys in order to fulfil your specific requirements.
The PowerGrip® GT3 synchronous belts are particularly suitable for use in fine-mechanical drives, office equipment, household appliances, handheld tools, robots, tooling machines and in the industrial areas of textile & clothing, bottling & packing, printing & paper technology and conveyor technology (skids and roller conveyors).

An optimum belt selection can never be made across the board; it must be based on the individual requirements of the application in question. If a specific drive belt that is adapted perfectly to the timing belt pulley is selected, the efficiency of both the timing belt drive and the entire drive train is improved. Our application technicians will be happy to advise you in the selection of the right synchronous belt for your requirements. Just come and talk to us!

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