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PowerGrip Norm Neoprene timing belts

MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH for your replacement parts needs

Technical features:

  •     Output range: up to 150 kW for rotation speeds of up to 20,000 rpm; up to 33 m/s circumferential speed
  •     Divisions: MXL/XL/L/H/XH/XXH
  •     Tensile member made of fibre glass

Benefits to you at a glance:

  •     High degree of economy
  •     Compact design
  •     Constant angular velocity
  •     Low pretension
  •     Wide power and rotation speed range
  •     Maintenance-free continuous operation

Compared with previous drive belts and chain drives, timing belts made of neoprene offer a considerably better transfer capacity and better accuracy with a longer service life.
The PowerGrip® Norm timing belt is more or less the “granddaddy” of all neoprene-timing belts and is currently used largely as a replacement part for existing drives. Thanks to its classic, trapezium-shaped toothing, the imperial synchronous belt, like all neoprene drive belts, is a maintenance-free and cost-effective alternative to conventional drives such as chains.  The low pre-tension reduces the bearing stress to a minimum, which increases the service life of the entire drive. The PowerGrip® Norm synchronous belt also offers a wide power and rotation speed range, a compact design, maintenance-free continuous operation and a high degree of economy.
The PowerGrip® Norm synchronous belts can be used in a wide range of applications from small drives (e.g. computer printers) to heavy machine drives (e.g. oil pumps). As it is the imperial version, however, it is largely used in the printing and paper industry.
An optimum belt selection can never be made across the board; it must be based on the individual requirements of the application in question. If a specific drive belt that is adapted perfectly to the timing belt pulley is selected, the efficiency of both the timing belt drive and the entire drive train is improved. Our application technicians will be happy to advise you in the selection of the right synchronous belt for your requirements. Just come and talk to us!